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Corporate Self Booking Tools

We offer a unique platform for booking, controlling and managing business trips.

Save time with a simple but effective online booking platform.

Control the company’s travel budget through travel policies and chain approvals.
Direct access to supplier prices in real time.
Optimization of business travel of employees based on statistics and reports.

Global trends in business travel increasingly dictate their own rules and ways of organizing on the Ukrainian market.


In addition to instant access to information and booking tools, positive interaction and support is important.


Convenience and ease of management, user control, rapid changes and analysis of statistics.


Efficiency, cost control and productivity are important.

We strive to combine all these needs in one service and provide the most positive experience for all participants in the field of business travel.

To this end, we constantly test and implement the latest developments and products, following the traditions of our partner, EGENCIA, a world leader in the field of business travel, taking into account the latest global trends and especially the needs of our customers.

One of the latest developments is a unique product on the Ukrainian market, the development of which has taken more than 15 years – Corporate Self Booking Tools (Corporate booking platform and business travel management platform).

Already, this platform has greatly simplified and accelerated the process of booking travel services for our corporate clients.

Key platform features

Detailed user profiles
Custom remarks
Approvals chain
Expanded travel policy setting
Cost Centers and Reason Codes
Automating booking processes
Reports and Analytics
Individual approach to each client
High response time
Access to the service 24/7
Simple search and booking process
Intuitive interface

Platform advantages

Advantage #1

Quick and intuitive search.

Any employee of the company can independently find and book an air ticket and a hotel as soon as possible, within the framework of the travel policy assigned to him. The platform aggregates over 1,000,000 offers and provides the most advantageous options with a complete description of the service and booking conditions. Thanks to the advanced filters, the user can choose from exactly the hundreds of thousands of options exactly what you need.

Advantage #2

Multi Travel Policy

The platform allows you to create an unlimited number of travel policies with flexible restrictions on the direction, cost, types of services and even more than 20 conditions. You can assign a policy to a policy as several users or assign them individually.

Advantage #3

Detailed user profiles

Travel Manager can create and edit user profiles, customize their roles and assign them to a specific travel policy, as well as assign a personal coordinator and supervisor.

Advantage #4

Reconciliation and control of bookings

Support for real-time employee booking approvals allows for increased cost control and tracking of travel schedules.

Advantage #5

Monitoring and reporting

Get more information about business travel expenses and identify areas to optimize your budget.
With built-in reports, you can always see the overall picture of the trips and a detailed description of each service in real time.

Let us know and we will audit your company to determine the maximum benefits of using our platform.

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