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Company Management

Business travel management company aimed at achieving the stated financial results.

Corporate travel expenses, the organization of conferences and various business events are an integral part and constitute a significant part of the company's budget, which requires a professional approach to their purchase, planning and tracking costs.

Оптимизация затрат на деловые поездки

In addition to the current services for booking services for organizing and traveling, we provide consulting services for managers and owners of companies, including the development of an effective travel policy (Travel Policy), as well as Expense Management for business travel.

Combining the classic service scheme with innovative travel technologies, and based on the experience of the global travel market, we provide support and financial savings to dozens of large companies in Ukraine.

 Procurement department

For professionals in the procurement of travel management services, we provide an opportunity to familiarize yourself with international procurement practices in this area and to gain knowledge of how a properly designed to travel policy, when followed in the process of organizing travel, has a positive effect on reducing company costs (up to 30%), saving travel time of your travel coordinators, administrative and financial departments, reduces financial and organizational risks, as well as reduces human error and AK is most effective to hold a tender to select a reliable supplier and business travel services.

In addition, our specialists will tell you how to draw up an RFP, and what the main points of such a document will indicate the correct criteria for choosing TMS. After all, today TMS, in its best professional sense, is not a business of booking air tickets and hotels, but a business of managing travel budgets. And the most important part of the work of TMS is the collection, processing, analytics, and provision of data in the form of reports.

MIS reports

Based on the analysis of the data provided by us, the manager makes the most important decisions: with which suppliers it is necessary to conclude or terminate contracts, how effective the suppliers are, how profitable the company is to cooperate with the selected suppliers …

We have developed and adapted dozens of different types of travel reports, and we know exactly how to turn reports from “useful information” deposits into financial instruments that help effectively a) conduct a corporate travel policy and b) manage a travel budget.


Our reports are intended for managers, the purchasing department and the finance department, including the CFO. In addition to a variety of statistical reports and comparative reports for different periods (for example, “Change in average ticket price”), there are reports on the basis of which experts draw conclusions about lost profits and possible savings of travel budgets.

Also, the management of companies with an extensive network of regional branches is very important to be able to control, analyze and manage the budgets of regional offices. To do this, there are special reports that consolidate information for all branches, but at the same time clearly break down the costs for each office separately.


No less important is the block of safety reports, because today companies bear insurance and financial responsibility for their employees. For this audience – HR services and Security services, there is a set of so-called risk management reports. These are pre-trip reports that automatically alert the security service that an employee is going to a country not recommended by the company for a visit. These are reports that allow in real time to receive information about the location of the traveler in case of unforeseen situations.


Finally, an employee who travels for the company is singled out among those interested in the reports. After each trip, he is obliged to report to the accounting department. And a personal online account with individual reports is the best

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