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Travel Managers

We help your company's corporate travel managers manage their travel program better.

Travel management is the management of business travels of employees of the company in order to create a comfortable and safe environment for travelers along with optimizing expenses within the framework of an approved travel policy.

Управление деловыми поездками компании

We help your company's corporate travel managers better manage their travel program by implementing control over travel policy compliance at the same time, providing your employees with modern travel technologies and exceptional service.

You get the benefit of cooperation in real time, which makes it possible to constantly monitor and improve your travel program.

We understand that the overall travel policy may not apply to all your travelers. Our flexible travel management tools allow you to group travelers by any criteria you want, and apply policies to each group separately. The “cost centers” group of travelers, the “leaders” group, which has additional privileges, or a group with strict policies up to prior authorization before booking.

With us, your corporate travel policy is always strictly observed and monitored by our consultants throughout the entire booking process.

We are experts in Travel Management and our account managers have global experience and knowledge in the travel industry. They are the link between our solutions and technologies, with the business goals of our clients in the field of business travel. Travel policy configuration, training, consulting, reports are among the many examples of advantages and values that our account managers create for clients.

In addition, they participate in negotiations with suppliers, help to organize and manage the processes in tenders, engage in audit and management of hotel clients' programs.

Values of Travel Management

  • Cost savings and achieving targeted strategies;
  • Personalized training and administrative support;
  • Competence and best practices in the creation and effective implementation of a travel program;
  • Support by an experienced account management program specially configured for your company travel programs;
  • Travel Policy and control over its observance;
  • Quarterly and annual reports to confirm that your program is working as expected;
  • We want you to get the maximum benefit from working with us, and our account managers know how to help you do this;
  • Optimization of work with suppliers and negotiations;
  • Full use (assessment) of the purchasing capacity of your organization, to obtain the best fares;
  • Market research and competent analytics;
  • Comparative performance and best practices of other successful corporate travel programs;
  • Comprehensive help and advice on corporate travel issues;
  • Competent expertise from tourism professionals in terms of truly global experience
  • Good and reliable partners with whom it is always better to travel.

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