DenmarkTravel Alerts

Government Closing Borders

The Government of Denmark advised Friday evening they will effectively close its borders in a move aimed at stemming the fight of the coronavirus.

The border will close at midday on Saturday March 14th until April 13th.

All passenger traffic to and from Denmark will be stopped.

Travelers will be turned away at the border if they can’t show that they have a legitimate reason to be there, for example if they are Danish citizens or foreign nationals living and working in the country.

All tourists and foreigners, who cannot prove that they have a recognized purpose in Denmark will not be allowed to enter Denmark.

Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen advised Danes will always be allowed to enter Denmark.

Danish media say armed forces and police will monitor the borders, they expect to have it fully up and running in a few days. Queues are expected on the border and at passport controls in airports.

Travelers should follow all official instructions. Carry proper identification documents to present at security checks. Carry proper identification documents to present at security checks.

Many airlines have issued flexible travel policies for destinations where significant spread of the virus has been reported. In general, this means, waiving fees for changes or cancellations to booked travel plans, subject to specific terms and conditions.

Travelers are encouraged to check the airlines’ website for latest information on flexible travel policies, and potential impact to their journey.