NorwayTravel Alerts

Norwegian airports not closing

The Government of Norway will be closing the border to foreign nationals who lack a residence permit in Norway. They will be turned away at the border under provisions of a Norwegian law relating to the control of communicable diseases.

However, Norwegian airports are not closing. All Norwegian citizens and persons who live or work in Norway will continue to be let into the country. Exemptions will be provided for European Economic Area (EEA) citizens and their family members who reside in Norway. Exemptions are also being prepared for EEA citizens who work in Norway.

Aircraft from abroad will be landing at Norwegian airports in the coming week, allowing Norwegians to get home. The government will also be contacting the authorities in other countries to help ensure that the airlines are permitted to fly Norwegians home to Norway. But in this situation, they are unable to provide guarantees. The airports will be open for international flights enabling tourists/foreign nationals to travel out.

Individuals affected by the restrictions should postpone planned travel to Norway. Follow all official immigration and health screening instructions. Allow additional time for immigration and health screenings.

Many airlines have issued flexible travel policies for destinations where significant spread of the virus has been reported. In general, this means, waiving fees for changes or cancellations to booked travel plans, subject to specific terms and conditions.

Travelers are encouraged to check the airlines’ website for latest information on flexible travel policies, and potential impact to their journey.