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Protesters plan to shut down Melbourne’s streets in actions held from 7-13 October

The Extinction Rebellion movement is planning a “spring rebellion” across Melbourne from Monday, 7 October, until Sunday, 13 October.
The group plans to clog major Central Business District intersections — including Flinders Street — during Monday’s afternoon peak, using bikes to block traffic and marching in the nude over the coming days.
Victoria Police Commander Tim Hansen says police will step in if there’s significant disorder, violence or if people’s safety is being put at risk.
“We’ve been taking considered legal advice and human rights advice over the last fortnight, and we have a fairly clear tactical plan (of) how we’re going to respond this week,” he told 3AW on Monday.
He said the Extinction Rebellion group has a right to peaceful protest, but members of the public have a right to freedom of movement.