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Public transport, aviation workers threaten to strike on 25 November in support of ongoing national postal workers’ strike

Public transport in the capital city could come to a standstill next week if the Posti dispute continues without a resolution, after the Transport Workers’ Union AKT announced a sympathy strike in support of the ongoing national postal workers’ strike.
If implemented, the 24-hour strike that would commence on Monday, 25 November, at 3 am and will affect buses of local and commuter services in the Greater Helsinki region.
Aviation industry to strike in support
The Finnish Aviation Union (IAU) has also extended its support to postal workers by announcing a sympathy strike to be held next Monday, during which they will cease all work.
According to the Union Bulletin, the IAU members involved in the support activities are working on ground handling, technology, catering, freight, as well as airport security inspection for all airlines operating from and to Finland.
Employees of Finnair will also be a part of the strike, if it happens.
Ferry services to take a hit
The sympathy strike announced by the board of the Finnish Seafarers’ Union (FSU) earlier this week commenced today, making mail delivery in the archipelago difficult.
During the strike, Posti transports or packages are not being accepted onboard any crafts, ferries, and cable ferries in domestic and foreign vessels.
If implemented, the union’s extended support actions which may come into effect next Monday may also affect thousands of passengers on Silja Line and Viking Line ferry services.